Free online sticky notes

Online notepad allows you to quickly take notes and share notes without registration. You will get a short link to the note, which you can view at any time. For editing in the future, set the password to your note.

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What is online notepad service?

Need to quickly save online note or share information with friends - use best free online notepad. Here you can fast and simple add post it notes, take notes online, group them by Email (Your email will be fully PROTECTED!) and share notes in social networks or using URL. You can create online note with your personal short URL like and later view web notes just open URL.

Why use online sticky notes?

Paper note you can lose, but online notes will always be with you. You can access to your diary notes from anywhere and from all devices like PC, phone or tablet. Easy access without registration. You will not need to remember URLs to your sticky notes. Just use your Email to group all web notes in one place. Forgot to add something to note - use a password to edit your virtual note.

What information i can save in my Online Notepad?

In this free online notepad you can save all what you need. It can be from small daily "To Do" list, a shopping list, just simple note to big story, some knowledgebase, save interesting web URLs in lists with comments. Also you can store in this online notes some program codes or scripts without losing data. Free Online Notepad is multilingual, so you can take notes in any languages. You can keep as short or long online notes as you like and access them easily at any time.


Unlimited online notes

You can add as many notes as you need and manage them.

Don't need to remember URL address

Just group your online notes by your Email to view list of all online sticky notes in one place.

No need passwords

You don't need to register. You can add note without registration and later see all web notes using Email. Your Email is protected, so nobody can copy it.

Friendly URLs

You can add your own URL name to your online web note. All URLs in saved online notes will be converted from plain text into clickable link. This is great to save list of important weblinks with comments.

Sticky notes keep unlimited time

Notes are stored on the server until you delete them.


Notes are stored publicly available, so don't keep important information like passwords. At any time you can remove any notes.

Support multi-language notes and program codes

Online notepad service display notes at any languages and saves all characters. So you can create online note with scripts and HTML tags inside note without losing data.

Simple, clear and quick

Just write your online sticky note and save.