From what and why appears cellulite? Causes of cellulite. 1

Causes, the appearance of cellulite. Signs and the problem of cellulite.

Cellulite – famous. Leaves no doubt about the fact that cellulite – a disease of lifestyle, it is imbalance and disharmony. But the real “field” of cellulite is still not thoroughly understood. However, it is known that the first countries to take up the study of cellulite, were the United States and many European countries. Although, due to the fact that cellulite – the problem of women, there is reason to believe that the appearance of cellulite blame hormones.

What, why cellulite? Causes, the appearance of cellulite.

The French are convinced that the root of “cellulite” is in bulimia. In simple words, bulimia – is “an attack on the fridge” (not on an empty, of course). In general, being in a “stress – critical” condition, завантаження
we run headlong into the room, called “kitchen”, open the door of our “cool friend”, and begin to eat everything that comes to us in the eye. If someone is watching such actions would have thought that near the refrigerator “wanders” inadequate. In fact, many persons of the fair sex, have a habit of “seizing” stress. This way of getting rid of psychological discomfort, it turns out, a very detrimental effect on the body.

This method, as if trying to punish us for what we do not solve the problem, and “suffer” translation product. Roughly sounds? In other words, for the sake of displaying the whole essence, it is simply impossible to choose. Now understand why. I told him about the “grocery translated” only because, while bulimic breakdown, we do we eat nothing: our goal is not the sense of taste. A taste that we “should not be imposed,” leaves us alone with the product casing. Our flavoring analyzers at a time are in the “off” state. We eat foods to simply eat them.

Even if, on your part, “Attack of the refrigerator” does not happen, and you just very very often, “additional” to eat, you’ll have to disappoint you: you need to see a doctor. After bulimia – it’s not just “precursor” of cellulite. This disease can “invite” in your body such “horrors” as nervosa or diabetes.

Cellulite may well occur against the backdrop of excess weight. Conclusion: stick to your diet. If you talk about them already, order, fed up – you can simply replace some other food. It – easier than again “chasing” a diet, right? Although …. There are some women who are already so grown accustomed to dietary lifestyle that they can not imagine how it is possible to live differently.

graphic-toxins1Cellulite can appear because the woman does not care about the removal of toxins and then there is the problem of cellulite. What are toxins? This final and intermediate products of metabolism (metabolism) that do (or through the pores or through the intestines) is not removed from the body, “stopping”, somewhere in the connective tissues. Slag from the woman’s body, very good output with herbs. Such, for example, as dill, caraway, buckthorn bark, anise.

“Peel like orange” – and the result of improper diet, a diet that is virtually devoid of fiber, but with a very high “fat” content. That is why, it is very difficult to “fling away” toxins, which are collected in the body, preventing him “live” a normal life. Just in case: a product enriched in fiber, can be rightly attributed pears, berries, artichokes, fistashechki, young soybeans (edamame), lentils, bread (whole wheat), cereals, popcorn.

What other causes, the appearance of cellulite? Why, from which there is cellulite? – Identify signs of cellulite.

You can not keep silent about the fact that cellulite can “declare” due to the fact that the ladies, for example, problems with the thyroid gland or with metabolic processes. Alas, this factor, this probability is not always taken into account women. The thing is that they are very much “attached” to a stereotyped because of the “orange peel”: “product – throughout the culprit.” Unfair! But it is – a completely different topic.

Are you aware that cellulite – “unpleasant complement” to puberty (the period of puberty), menopause or pregnancy? Yes, cellulite and then “mark”. Still can not “enjoy” all the fullness of diversity. 1384965408_1Him all the little and few places on the skin. And whence it as “gluttony”? Cellulite is reminiscent of vampires who constantly lacking taste blood.

The game “Weight uncertainty“, confusing the entire body, and, unwittingly, gives cellulite, an opportunity to “show” themselves. What are the rules, called a little earlier, the game? They – ingeniously simple: you lose weight – get better, again losing weight and gaining weight, and so – in a circle. This is a very “amusing” cellulite. And while you’re carried away, “hard”, the game did not notice anything around cellulite “take captive” many of your family part of the body. All this is reminiscent of even one of the top-notch fighters (story thriller).

Cellulite “comes” at a time when a woman seriously than ever alarmed. You do not think that cellulite arrived to calm her down. He chose the “favorable” time could be “leaked” under the skin of a female, and even so that the mistress of the skin, which was visited by cellulite, no idea about it. Woman understand what her problem, but not immediately, but later. And this, again, is very beneficial for the “orange peel on.”

Maybe a woman – in the position? Then, cellulite – it’s not scary. That is, more naturally and probably unavoidable. During pregnancy, about anything you do not want to think, because the only “dream” of women at a time – sleep and peace of mind. However, such a dream fulfilled only in part: all around, scurrying around, they want to support and help …. And this gets even worse: overprotection – “worse than any hell” for women wearing baby under her heart.

Poor women with ovarian dysfunction, “get used” to cellulite and even he, quite often, “walks beside” with this female trouble. “Orange peel” is formed and people who have found renal dysfunction and liver. Read and felt sad? I sincerely rejoice in what you can not touch, as in this illness is nothing pleasant and positive. A positive, in general, as always, is not enough.

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