Essential oils against cellulite and from a cellulitis. Orange oil, olive oil, flaxseed. 1

Cellulite treatment essential oils.

Struggle with cellulite help essential oils. Cellulite is often compared with the orange peel. However, what would not have been compared, the main thing – to get rid of. I’ll tell you about the effectiveness of three types of oils.

Olive oil against cellulite properties:efirnye-masla-protiv-tsellyulita

  • Heals all wounds and cuts.
  • Leads to normal pressure (blood).
  • Prevents aging of the skin.
  • “Go” ulcers.
  • Reduces the risk of breast cancer.

To olive oil had an effect on cellulite, it can be mixed with the following ingredients:

  • Tangerine oil (two drops).
  • Lemon oil (two drops).
  • Pine oil (four drops).
  • Bergamot oil (three drops).
  • Oil of sandalwood (three drops).
  • Tangerine oil (two drops).
  • Juniper oil (four drops).
  • Grapefruit oil (four drops).

Olive oil should be two tablespoons.

It can be applied during a massage (anti-cellulite). How to do this massage:

  • Mix the salt sea (two cups), water (¼ cup), olive oil (one cup).
  • Apply the mixture on the mushy soft parts of the body (knees, stomach and so on).
  • We leave on the skin for a short while.
  • Wash off with warm water.
  • Wash off with cool water.

The same way you can get rid of acne and.

Orange oil against cellulite.

Properties orange oil:apelsinovoe-maslo_4

  1. “Kill” any signs of depression.
  2. Greatly improves mood.
  3. Has choleretic action.
  4. Participates in carbohydrate – fat metabolism.
  5. Acts as a protection against infection.
  6. Thanks to him, you can lose weight healthy.
  7. Orange oil – the perfect remedy for cellulite.
  8. Improves skin elasticity.
  9. Helps the skin to acquire an excellent tan.
  10. Protects the skin from dryness.

As it can be used:

  • As a massage tool. It requires ten drops of this oil.
  • As a means for baths. Take them to five drops of this oil.
  • As a means for bath and sauna. Three drops of orange oil over ten grams of water.
  • As ingredients in shampoos, lotions, masks, tonics, lotions.

If you want, you can now grow orange tree. Just leave at night, orange bones in a glass of water. Transplant them into the ground (depth – one centimeter). Until then, until sprouts appear, pot and keep warm in the dark. Then transplanted into the illuminated spot. During the summer, try to keep the pot outdoors in the winter – on the contrary: in a very cool place (fifteen degrees Celsius).

Linseed oil against cellulite.

Now let’s talk about the linseed oil. It is used as:Flax seeds and linseed oil

  • Laxative (lung).
  • Pressure reduction means.
  • Remedy for ulcers.
  • The remedy for burns.
  • Means of pyoderma.

It helps to get rid of such ailments as:

  • Atherosclerosis.
  • Obesity.
  • Hemorrhoids.
  • Colitis (spastic).
  • Abrasions.
  • Eczema.
  • Skin inflammation.

That there is no cellulite, you need to rub the oil into “interest” and to take you places the oil inside, one spoon.

Cellulite can independently produce real butter (massage). A dish can be prepared and to help lose weight.

Dietary flax breakfast is:

  • Bran (one spoon dining room).
  • Flakes (three tablespoons).
  • Flaxseed (one teaspoon).
  • Sunflower seeds (one teaspoon).
  • When you decide to buy flaxseed oil, be sure to watch out for its quality. Quality oil – yellow – green, dark – yellow or transparent color. This oil is almost no smell.

Linseed oil can “create” anti-cellulite peeling: it is necessary to mix it with coffee (ground).

Oil – just a godsend, saving of cellulite. But we should not hope exclusively on their miraculous.

Drink! I’m not about alcohol, but about ordinary water. Drink it to “scare” cellulite.4871f98d53e542aafbf28c51d4ec5c1b

Honeyed not get carried away much: it loves “contemplate” cellulite on a woman’s body. Well, sometimes, you can eat one small chocolate bar. The main thing that it “sometimes” not systematically repeated.

(Sol) - a close friend of cellulite. Do not want to make friends with him? Then – avoid the collision with it as soon as possible. Well, a little salt and tomatoes can be. Lawn – not oversaturate.

Food – not your purpose. If you are accustomed to eat well, take a rule: eat little, but often. At least six times per day. The main thing that the food was not megakaloriynaya. Well, that is one of the very high-calorie food, without me you probably know.

Like a sauna, steam room, shower (contrast), in principle, to love such procedures – easy. A nice because dabble in some water and feel it with your whole body, right?

Do not need to smoke. Throw away all cigarettes that you have and the more they do not buy, do not try to find them at somebody. Imagine that they do in the world no longer exists.

Like chicken, right? Necessary, have it without the skin. In the skin of the chicken calories “live” and “move” there are not going to.

Sprite, Coca – Cola, Fanta …. Tell them firm and decisive “no.” Just so tell them to forever, as they are very beckon and without these drinks is even boring. But when they return to you cellulite, which make the most two times, and you will not have to boredom, believe me. Yes, they are cunning guys, these delicious drinks.

Here, you are now reading this article, sitting at the monitor laptop or desktop computer, and absorb the information. Take a short break: walk around the apartment, kofe brew, chat on the mobile phone with someone. Now verses say, to avoid your cellulite, you need to change position. It is not necessary to sit up or stand rooted to the spot, in one place, for about thirty minutes. Run a little, jump, pretend uranium and “nosites” from room to room, spreading his arms like airplane wings. Do not worry: for a while, as long as you are active, your one laptop (or computer) will not run away because he, unlike you, we need peace, not hyper-active.

So, in our time, he can win even cellulite. This means that only rely on the winning outcome, not agreeing to anything less.

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