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Getting rid of the “orange peel” – cellulite with the help of oranges!

Getting rid of the “orange peel” – cellulite and extra kilos with the help of oranges!Orange diet is designed for 3 weeks.A week of such food can lose 8 kilos.In the first week you need to eat every day in random order 2 boiled eggs, drinking 2 liters of pure […]

How to choose a mobile phone

All mobile phones are divided into two main categories: the classic phones and smartphones. The main feature of the classic phone is a modest functional. Though some of this type are quite advanced models, and some of the “Non-telephone telecommunication” functions like music player, camera, or access the Internet have […]

Forgot graphic key on your phone or tablet? Don’t worry, you can bypass the protection using ADB.

  Not only modders, hackers and developers, but just experienced users know that the option “Networking for USB» configured Android tablet or smartphone is desirable to keep enabled. This mode may be required for root, testing applications in the design, installation alternative recovery in other cases where we are working with […]