Why do I get cellulite, stretch marks? From what cellulite and stretch marks. 1

Causes, the appearance of cellulite and stretch marks. How to get rid of cellulite?

“Sweet Couple” stretch marks and cellulite. It is difficult to say which of these troubles are harmful and worse. Rather, they “complement” each other.

From what and why stretch marks appear? Reasons. On the first issue of “list”, you can say this: it is when you need to stretch the skin. Their appearance “begins” with red scars. They are called “scars pregnant women” because pregnancy – “favorite” cause. Between the need for “kozherastyagivaniya”:

  1. Postpartum period. Should not refuse to give birth only for this reason: the baby – it’s wonderful. And you can get rid of stretch marks. By the way, they can “descend” on your body is already intsellyulit-i-rastyazhki the third month of pregnancy. Then, of course, you can not do anything serious with them. Allow them to stay on your body at least until the time when you give birth to the baby or the baby. At this time you need to think not about “not attractive” of the body, and the maximum safety of your child.
  2. Hormonal disruptions. Causes: poor diet, restless sleep disorders …. If I tell you to try to correct the situation, you may have to think about it, but it will remain at the level of ideas. How Come? No, you do not think that I am so much you underestimate. The point here is not in you, and in the circumstances. You can not drastically change their lives for the sake of getting rid of stretch marks. They are in fact no one called, and, moreover, do not wait. You used to eat what you want. It would be strange if you had to adjust to, somehow, by someone diet. Sleep – a separate issue. If you suffer from insomnia, here, too, need to wait. It is not known how many nights she would “rule” over you. Maybe longer than you think. Well, about the disorder, so there generally is not so easy. And I, and you know perfectly well that no one will be able to not worry about it. The phrase “Do not worry about nothing” does not fit into the presentation and the situation of today. Everyone has their own concept of “nothing”: if you, for example, a broken vase – a trifle, then someone else would call it a tragedy. Laugh about it – just a sin, as it is necessary, first of all, remember that people – are unique, they do not repeated. A judge them, for opinion or for some action – more than fair. Let us be humane.
  3. Overload associated with exercise. We often are exercising so enthusiastically that we do not notice when transcend the “border” measures. There is nothing criminal or shameful. And it is not in our unreliable memory. We recall that the strain can not be more than normal. And time is flying “Hurricane.” And often it flies past us: we do not have time to follow its flight. Time is not only obliged to stop in order to hint that the “measure” we have already done. Therefore, it continues to live independently from us.
  4. Changes in growth. “What would make this so as not to grow?”. Because of stretch marks? What nonsense! Grow until “grows”: beautiful girls have always been in vogue. Have been and will be. Fashion trends give it one hundred percent guarantee.
  5. The onset of adulthood. Of age, alas, can not escape. In this “similarity” stretch marks and age: they come quietly and softly, but leave the “loud” and traces of fingerprints. Stand out, as they can, in order to somehow survive in this difficult world.
  6. Destruction of elastin and collagen. Generally, the word “destruction” leads to some horror. So much in it “anti creative” and negative. So let’s get ‘construction’ set of tools designed to get rid of these “Wives”.
  7. Puberty (puberty). Just a “bouquet” nasties “imposed” Teenagers: and pimples, and blackheads, and complexes … .. And then there’s the stretch. Well, for what? I’d love to say, “Dear stretch, let alone even innocent teenagers. They have, at one time, and so you have time to hardship. ” It would be nice if those words had some real strength. Who knows: maybe stretching me and hear. Miracles happen, mainly with those who did not insist on their appearance.

Unpleasant fact that stretch marks can be hereditary. Remember, please, do you have relatives with the same problem. Not necessarily fully explore family tree: at least remember those loved ones who you know.

From what and why appears cellulite? The reasons.

Cellulite – insidious and terrible stretch marks. This can be seen already from the fact that stretch marks are located only on the tummy and cellulite need the whole body. Maxed it. And nothing can15791083_zellulit

be done about it. “Loves” he female body. And the stage of “love” has many. Have stretch marks, as you noticed, all the easier. Most of all, of such love, “suffer thighs, buttocks and stomach. Legs and arms – is no exception. In short, everything goes: some of the more some – less. All depends on the mood of cellulite: he wants to “conquer” all areas of the skin equally – he will do it. Want to regret, for example, the legs – he almost did not touch them. What exactly is configured cellulite on you, nobody knows.

Cellulite adores women put before selecting the type: either I or tasteless food. Insipid means that you can not eat, for example, a variety of sausages, sweet, salty, smoked, fried. In short, everything that likes to use cellulite. And he likes to eat, his appetite – be healthy.

Strange compare that appealing, “orange peel” on the whole body or scars on the abdomen. In both cases, there is not nothing attractive, even if you look very well. “Cleanse the body” and to the touch, and look much nicer than scarring or fat deposition. And the body without them live and breathe easier.

No need to “sing an ode to” clothes that can hide and stretch marks and cellulite. It is not created for this purpose. Clothing should be an ornament to any woman’s body. This is – one of its main functions. Well, do not make clothes “exceed their powers“: everyone must do their work (meaning both people and things).

And now we learn:

How to get rid of cellulite?

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