What foods cause cellulite. Products of cellulite.

From what products cellulite? What foods cause cellulite?

Tortured cellulite. Fed Up. Tired? Ask for help to food. They know exactly how to ‘escape’ from this nasty and annoying “king of fat.” Let’s you lined up ryadochek products that will help fight cellulite and which on the contrary, will do everything possible and impossible, that he “settled” on our body.

The product causes cellulite, promote cellulite:

  1. Coffee. Who would have thought that such a delicious drink “friends” more than fat? It’s a shame something like. Have to give up its alluring fragrance, or excess fat we are very upset.
  2. Chocolates. That, goodbye “Kommunarka”, “Alenka” and other “princesses” of sweets? And in my childhood we were collecting wrappers from them. Oh produkty-vyzyvayuschie-tsellyulityes, and how much! We enjoyed their taste and wondered for a moment, that we, for some reason, have to give them up.
  3. Alcohol. Let us not take offense at the aperitif, but he will have to experience for yourself our attention deficits. Sparkling wine, champagne romantic, mysterious likerchik …. All this, of course, is good, but for the soul, not the body.
  4. Ham. It turns out that such goodies – a real traitor. Well, if so, then we, in retaliation to her, do not let her eat and take care of a figure.
  5. Sugar. Snow-white delicacy that is pleasant to the taste, but at an unacceptable “dietary procedures”. Well, there is a solution: buy sweeteners. Not so, of course, fine thing, but still.
  6. Mayonnaise. Here to add it to salads, and did not think that it is not necessary to add there. He “vrednichaet” by visiting our body. Well, so we povrednichaem: will, in stores, pass it.
  7. Sausage. Sandwiches – down. Our unhealthy eating habits have to understand that we had “seen through” and not kupimsya her “goodies”. Let it expects other buyers.
  8. Sol. Well, it turns out: salted cucumber and tomatoes – welcome zhirochki? No, in general, then. Simply measure should know when choosing and adoring this “little white Wives.” Give her will, so she’ll do in the body of such cases, which will then be sad.
  9. Beer. From it not only growing tummy, but fat “breed”. You feel like a bun, which is great and growing rapidly by leaps and bounds. But it is much nicer to feel like a woman and not a dough donuts or sweet.
  10. Meat. Digest it for a long time, that’s fat and catch the moment when you can “roll up” on the body and take it illegal place.
  11. Candy. Attributes of the New Year, for some reason, are not our side. If you could pick up and get out of them all the calories ….
  12. Bananas. Beautiful little yellow fruit that contains the hormones of joy and pleasure, I decided that the spread of cellulite deposits – not a crime. Therefore, as a “law-abiding citizen”, he does what he likes, without thinking about what harm beauties.

Products from a cellulitis:

  1. produkty-ot-tsellyulitaMuesli They would do well to eat twice a week for thirty grams. You can dip them in low-fat milk and a teaspoon and then they “hunt”. The main thing is that our production does not contain sugar. He will spoil everything.
  2. Almonds. Remember its unique taste? So he not only he is unique. Very pleased with his desire to beat cellulite. Let us feast on them twice a week.
  3. Pineapple (straight from the tin). Expensive, and the sting of the sponge. But – “assistant” megamasshtaba. Get used to eat it 1 time per day for one hundred and fifty grams. Yes, somehow it is not very pocket a piece of fruit …. Then maybe replace it chernoslivchikom? Of course, he is an amateur, but it is allowed to eat more – three things a day.
  4. Eggs. Well, that and they do not mind us. White and yolk – is far from worthless food “species”. We are able to safely extract the “usefulness” of this “yolk – protein” of the product, and not be afraid that the body will come “era of cellulite.”
  5. Carrot. Crispy “charm” orange decided to please us that she is still with us and is not going to leave our diet. Pleasant circumstance.
  6. Parsley. It is possible to eat at least “bunches” and the clock. The only pity is that it does not eat a lot, so we would, most likely, and acted.
  7. Apelsinchik, kiwi and grapefruit. Choose need anything one to “pamper” your body once a day.
  8. Low-fat dairy products. Association – yogurt? Can and yogurt. And – any. The choice of flavors – limitless. And different jars with yogurt (we mean the capacity). So, dual choice weight and flavor.
  9. Fish (low-fat and lean, of course): hake, cod, haddock. You can out of it, by the way, delicious fillets cook. Eat fish, it is highly desirable, at least twice in seven days. A fatty fish can eat too little: sardines, herring, mackerel, trout). Twice a week, and it is possible to “fill” the stomach.
  10. Crude Honey peppers (green and red). It can have three hundred grams a week, no more. Well, at least as much as for a change ratsionchika.
  11. Cabbage. Three times a week, for at least one hundred and fifty grams. Not bad, considering that it is possible to use any broccoli, white, red or Brussels.
  12. Water. Drink it as much as you put in: and the evening and night, morning and afternoon. There are no restrictions!
  13. Beans (beans). Let us accustom ourselves to eat it twice a week. Let them burn calories, if not lies, without a job, somewhere in the cupboard, on a shelf.
  14. Red and dark – red berries (cherry, raspberry, strawberry). They do not need to doubt the effectiveness. Perhaps they scare her cellulite such color. Then there is the idea to repaint all the food is in such shades. Alternatively, of course, creative, but boring: all food is red – not interested.
  15. Frozen fruit. Need to prepare the freezer to such gravity, and in the summer to begin to fill up an assortment of fruit.

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