How to Save youth and health – Secrets youth and longevity

53cba597566c3Is it possible to maintain or restore youth and health?

Without a doubt! Youth can be extended health can be saved and even back!
I’m talking here about the youth and health of the body, which automatically implies a young soul.

First of all, stop dying. Change the setting.
What does this mean? Now there are few who would argue that it is our perceptions and beliefs govern our lives.

From childhood we see how people age. In the minds of delayed (not without the help of others) Installation: I too will be so. At the same time, scientists say that a person is able to live much longer lives than now. In fact, if our body is refreshed every 7 years, what happens to youth and health?

For the man who owns the expertise and practice of a particular way of life, youth and health – a side effect of its development.
And yet: how to preserve youth and health?

Secrets of Health and Longevity
How to extend (return) youth

  1. Change the program! Turn back the clock!
  2. Give your body a chance to show all the possibilities.
  3. Live as live young and healthy.

These are the main secrets of youth, health and longevity.
They are available to everyone, and even how well you use them is up to you.
We will understand them in detail.

Change your age

First of all, rip the link between the passport and its condition.
Do not have to justify his infirmity date of his birth! Now I can do that 30 years ago did (little training). On the day of his birth subtract rather than add their years.

Change your status

Condition is most important. In what state will be, such a result and get it! Whatever you do, create a state corresponding to a result that are going to get. Intends to be young and healthy. Intention – that’s it! The rest – only application to maintain it.
What is the difference from the 5-year 75-year-olds? Children flexible, inquisitive, carefree; old ossified, shackled habits (experience), weakened comfort. For children everything is possible, the elderly have nothing to it!

  • Take your photo when you were young and healthy. Go back to that time and remember how you felt yourself then (a bodily memory). Regain the feeling of youth and health, remember it.
  • Every night before going to sleep, call this state and keep it until you fall asleep. Be firmly believe that you are now the same as in youth.
  • Waking up in the morning, return to the body of the state of youth and health (vigor, lightness, freshness, there is still a whole life). Feel young and healthy without a shadow of a doubt! Practice this state and in the afternoon, as soon as you remember about it in the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Young and healthy: pay attention to your body and remember that state. You can remember your childhood, to compare and understand exactly what you need to keep yourself in my entire life.

Note: the gap between current and desired age should be such that you could not believe myself.

Return your eyes shine.
Notice how clean, shining eyes of children and old people have dull. See sometimes in young eyes to use them to configure their eyes. How to tune musical instruments, using a fork or “inner ear” when remember this feeling.

Make lifestyle changes

nota3Young and healthy can not sit all day, moaning and complaining. Youth peculiar activity (and the physical and social). There are, of course, prematurely old, but it’s not about them.
Enter the image and gradually begin to live in accordance with it.

nota3Find a business like, well, if other people useful.
Enjoy your life, find and cultivate a positive emotion. Evil, arrogant, envious people do not look young and attractive and faster aging.

nota3Move: go hiking, ski, swim … – all that gives health, work and youth. Engage in creative work, which will help you to express yourself: painting, dancing, singing …. Speaking of her voice, the voice of a man with age changes. Preservation of natural voices one of the conditions the extension of youth. Get creative life, live heart.
Listen to harmonious music: not necessarily only the classics, but certainly not rock. Rhythm rock “knocks” the man with the natural rhythm.

nota3Often relax at one with nature, listening to the birds, the wind, the stream, the sea, and others.
Seek the company of young, enthusiastic and cheerful people. Do not play the concern “sausage business.” Seriousness – not necessarily a sign of great intelligence.
Constant concern creates unnecessary tension in the body. Hence osteochondrosis, atherosclerosis and, as a consequence, other health problems.

nota3But periodically build their extreme situations (several times a year) is very useful. It may be fasting, bathing in the hole, crossing the desert or mountain climbing.
The choice is huge.

The idea is to make our body and mind to work with maximum efficiency. This enables the back-up capabilities, dormant under normal conditions, the body rebuilds itself for optimum operation. Remove unnecessary, added energy, increased ability to heal itself. Destroyed the old and appears younger.

“In order to force the body to work properly, we need three types of activity: emotional, physical and strong-willed. Looking for new experiences. It is necessary to solve new problems.
– If there are enough types of activity, the person will be healthy?
– Nearly will not age.
– How Come?
– After 50 you will understand that the young are always in shape, and old as it gathers itself to life each morning. Proper collection of types of activity allows for longer keep in shape. “

One side of the form, for example – the desire to get up in the morning, looking forward to an interesting day. As a contrast: you do not want to get up, still tired, hardly force yourself to get up, because you have to – it is to collect himself.

Do not donate age of positions. The fact that you are physically and emotionally able to do in 20-25 years, and must continue after 50. Climb on foot to your floor if you live in a high-rise building – is gymnastics, which does not require additional time.

- You asked me to tell the practice of longevity. Here is one of them: shoes standing.
– But I prefer sitting.
– Now you occasionally sit on a stool to lace up boots, a year you will have a special stool for this, two – and even bench next to a stool to lean less. For seventy-you can not do on their own shoes.
– I agree. But this is not such a practice longevity.
– It is a thousand little things and such is the practice of longevity.
… You go slowly, go faster than the average.

nota3Under normal circumstances, live in accordance with the rhythms of nature. Feel that the world is waiting for you to activism, and when non-interference.
Eat according to their bodily constitution, eliminate meat from at least daily nutrition.
Rest when you are tired and do not sit at the TV (PC) if the body asks movement. Remember, the best holiday change of activity: to work his head, mash the body and vice versa. Is important enough sleep (including for the skin condition).

Increase your energy level. Live a healthy life. Practice the principles of integrity as optimizing its relationship with the world and closing holes leakage energy.

nota3Married people live longer than single. Mutual love increases the energy of life. Reasonable sexual activity prolongs youth body and soul. Sex – is the exchange of masculine and feminine energies between the partners, aligns the total energy state.

nota3Daily gymnastics, especially in the flexibility of the spine, stretching. Better to use an integrated system of hatha yoga, qigong, etc.
Self-massage: every morning just rub your body with your hands, comb hair with your fingers, massage the face.

With regard to youthful skin: skin condition depends on the overall level of health and cleanliness of the intestine.
Smoking and alcohol significantly impair a person’s appearance.

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