How to choose a topics for your blog

Stop! Stop! Stop! Do not rush to accelerate down the road to the world of the blogosphere! Firstly, I do, of course, congratulations to the fact that you still decide to become a blogger. Secondly, I want to give some tips for choosing the theme for your websites and blogs. Think bright, think wisely, do write beautifully and, of course, competently and creatively! It’s not just quote – this is the first tip!

Of course we are not familiar with you, perhaps – not yet familiar, and I do not know what you like doing in your life who are working, who your friends are and who your personal hairdresser. In fact, all this does not matter, but I can not say to everyone – what topic you write a blog! I can not, not knowing the man said – “that’s what you Julia, write about hamsters” (as Julia in the life of an auto mechanic;), “John, you need to write a blog about cars” (as John in the life of the fetus hamsters). Let’s think logically and slowly!

Lately it has become very fashionable and profitable to have your own blog and beginners get the feeling that all the money already earned, all threads are busy, the sea far away, the sun is high – I will go back to work for another uncle. I can not argue with a person who thinks this way, but even more so to stop – in any case I would say that this is the right decision.

A lot of blogging on the topic of his hobby, it’s very cool that people are doing anything to share their knowledge with others. The most important thing to write useful articles for people. Of course, not all blogs are writing about a hobby, you can find blogs where people write about their work. Most often this diary with a small circle of readers and is not too bad!

Competition on a topic like me, growing by leaps and bounds, and of course I admit it is not very good! That is, people went to the site with the theme of the earnings in the network, the development of websites and blogs and hop – the idea “why do not I start a blog, make copies of articles, and the trick is done.” You can not steal someone else’s material. Your blog will be blocked.

People may not realize is that a blog with any theme you can monetize. The main thing that your texts are unique and more unique than your stuff, the faster it can bring up, to attract visitors and start earning. Write on conscious themes that you understand and are clear as day!

If you have chosen is certainly an interesting topic, but you have nothing to write about it, and it is not worth it.
So the plan is:

  • Well think about the theme, think about their hobbies, and interests. Make a list – then it will be easier to choose.
  • Analyze each topic that you would like to write a blog.
  • When the topic is selected, plan topics and subtopics, and then proceed to create your blog.
  • Optimize and fill it, and most importantly write and only write like crazy!

In my opinion, interesting blogs on the topic of travel; children; fishing; hunting; music; movie ……. fantasize. Good luck

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