Hiccups, causes of hiccups and how to stop hiccups fast

how to stop hiccups fastHiccups – a reduction in the form of spasm of the diaphragm, causing the air to escape and the vibration of the vocal cords. This discomfort is generally not longer and disappears after be drunk a cup of cold water.

Symptoms of hiccups

Hiccups recognized by the characteristic hoarse sound causes a spasm of the diaphragm, with the resonance of the vocal cords in the throat.

Causes of hiccups

Phenomenon is based on stimulation of the phrenic nerve (the nerve which provides motor innervation of the diaphragm), which causes hiccups. The reasons may be different excitation, including: digestive disorders, nervousness, swallowing disorder, hiatal hernia, alcoholism. Recall that indigestion, too hot or too “sharp” drinks can cause hiccups. Sometimes hiccups can be caused by diseases such as pleurisy, pneumonia, gastritis, pancreatitis or inflammation of the esophagus, in which the diaphragm is irritated or phrenic nerve.

Treatment of hiccups

There are many tricks to stop hiccups: holding your breath, slow exhalation. You can drink a glass of cold water. If hiccups associated with impaired digestion, it is possible to drink sodium bicarbonate (baking soda). Usually hiccups passes itself. If it takes too long, is desirable to consult a doctor, who may prescribe antispasmodics or more specific treatment.

9 ways to get rid of hiccups

To get rid of the hiccups, it is necessary to stop the spasms of the diaphragm and esophagus. This can be done either by distraction or by breathing techniques. Usually this is enough.

When you do not pass the hiccups, you take a lot of effort to make it disappear. You are focused on your chest and consciously prestressing diaphragm. But, straining and trying to suppress the next expected you hiccups, you only complicate the situation. Below, we encourage you to more accurate techniques.

  1. Swallow a small amount of something bitter or sour. After contact with anything unusual in the digestive system cramps usually go: Try to suck a slice of lemon.
  2. Try to suppress hiccups reflex way. Put your finger on the throat so as if you were going to vomit. But in fact, it is not necessary to bring their actions to such an extent. In this way, you can interrupt the steady rhythm of the hiccups.
  3. Try to stifle hiccups water. If you drink a large glass of water in small sips at a measured pace, you can bring an end to hiccups. In this manner, food debris washed from the bottom of the pharynx and perhaps eliminates irritating to the area extending to the nerve.
  4. A drink water in the inclined position of the trunk. The position of the “upside down” implies a completely new approach to the treatment of hiccups. Torso over the sink and start to sip a glass of water, moved away as possible from you.
  5. Use the method sudden fright, for example, frighten the victim sudden hiccups cotton pressurized pack or a loud shout. This may immediately terminate spasm.
  6. Try popular method of thread. Residents of the southern regions of Texas Hispanics are popular among the people receiving the interrupt hiccups using red thread or strip material. They tied around the child’s head in the forehead at the nose. Perhaps the child directs the eye to the filament and thus turns his attention. And this is precisely what is needed to stop the hiccups.
  7. “Sweeten the pill”. Sprinkle some sugar on dorsum of the tongue and swallow it, you can stir a spoonful of sugar in a small amount of beer and drink this mixture.
  8. Hold the tongue. Once again, when you will torment hiccups, open your mouth wider, take a language, slightly pull it and hold a few seconds. Such a method of treating hiccups preferred personal physician of President Kennedy.
  9. Betting money – is a favorite tool of some doctors, which, as they say, never failed in the case of the usual hiccups. When someone starts to hiccup, take the money, put them on the table and enclose with it a betting man, that he or she will not be able iknut the next minute. This person will not be able to truly iknut another time without losing a bet.
    Once you stop trying to interrupt hiccups, comes into play a whole range of other muscles and cramps disappear.

Examination must take place in the following cases:

  •  If hiccups lasts more than an hour;
  •  If hiccups occur several times a day or several days a week;
  •  If, in addition to hiccups, you have pain in the chest, heartburn or swallowing difficulties.

If you have very often there is a hiccup or attacks its delayed a long time, your doctor may prescribe a x-ray after taking a mixture of barium in order to identify any obstacles in the esophagus. To eliminate hiccups, which is permanent and is not associated with any mechanical obstacle in the esophagus, the doctor may prescribe certain medications, depending on what your related disorders.

An interesting fact is that Charles Osborne of Anton, Iowa, United States, began to hiccup in 1922. He led a normal life, was married twice and had eight children, and hiccups stopped in 1990. (Guinness World Records).

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