How fast to lose weight? Reasons for excess weight.

As you can easily lose weight a woman? Easy, effective way to lose weight properly.

1348501913_lose_20_pounds_its_easyEvery day on TV, on the covers of glossy magazines looking at us gentleman and lady with a perfect figure, a dazzling smile, showing his whole appearance, how beautiful can actually be a life, if you are in great shape. Looking also at yourself in the mirror, alas, not everyone can smile back at her reflection and boasts excellent podkachennoy figure. Scientists long ago urged the public to pay attention to the fact that is almost one in five people on the planet is the owner of overweight. All those excess literally spread out on our figure as a totally aesthetic folds of fat and cellulite. And if looming ahead festivities, then the prevailing majority of women, they become annoying headache. After all, everyone wants to representatives of the beautiful sex to pay attention to the second half of humanity, to shine and conquer, which is very problematic when you consider hanging “ears”, and folds integral shortness of breath. Doubly a shame if you do not fit now in your favorite expensive dress, specially bought for celebration.

It’s a shame that the issue of excess weight and even more about getting rid of him rises, when it “the train has left.” Here then chided himself for laziness, and maybe even vsplaknuv, you agree to invent ways of extremely rapid release of “extra ballast.” That’s just it is not only useless, but also dangerous for the body to do. Scientists have long shown that unnecessarily drastic weight loss by fasting in the first maximum in a month will return not only “lost” pounds, but at the same time set new 50-80% of them. It was called «jo-jo» – effect. Second, the dramatic weight loss mercilessly beats almost all systems of the body, causing long-term failure, sometimes leading to irreversible metabolic disorders. So, if you too have decided to change their weight, then go to address this issue with the main point of view – utility. After taking care of your body you extend your life.

How to quickly and easily lose weight a woman or a man? Reasons for excess weight. Easy, effective way to lose weight properly. – It is necessary to execute the following recommendations.

First we have a little time on the calculation of their body mass index and the index of central obesity, which will show how serious you are having problems with being overweight, as well as find out the ratio of fat and muscle tissue. The calculation of these indicators can be done at the doctor, dietitian or in a good fitness center, where conscientious coach simply must make all necessary measurements before developing a suitable for you the individual scheme of training. If you categorically set to visit the gym, then, armed with special literature and the Internet, all you can do yourself. Next, go to step two.

As you know, “smoke without fire”, so if you really got a problem, then solve it is necessary to clarify the causes of. The most common cause is sadly banal gluttony, especially at night. Whether it will, eating another burger bun or how many calories you ingest and how much you still need to consume in order not to overeat? I suppose if so, not often.

935511Those who wish to lose weight is necessary to conduct especially in the beginning of a strict accounting of all calories consumed. As scientists have found, in fact, for normal body function in complete calm conditions without strong physical exertion woman needs a daily intake of 1800 kcal, and men – about 2,000 kcal. As we would not want to reduce weight but not limited to your diet will not work. But to unload their menu should be approached wisely.

Our organism is important to have a balanced diet, which should be both proteins and carbohydrates, and fats, and vitamins and minerals, and a certain dosage. Make myself a proper diet is actually possible, but very difficult, moreover, likely rendering. Not to hurt yourself, the best option would be to appeal for help to qualified dietitian. He will never use without prior examination any diet. Will all be selected individually, taking into account sex, weight and other characteristics of the client number. Especially important advice nutritionist, if we are talking about a significant excess weight above normal. In any case it is necessary to exclude from your diet foods from soft wheat, baking, sweets, fried and smoked foods, canned and semi-finished products. Permanent “lodgers” on your desk should be foods that are rich in fiber and beneficial fibers (beets, carrots, cabbage, squash, beans and other legumes, soybeans, apples and other fruits and vegetables, avoid consumption should only be in a lot of grapes and banana) .

Your diet should be a place for fat, just because they choose unsaturated, consume little vegetable, olive oil, fatty fish, but cooked or if it is fresh, it is possible to cheese. Perfect product – sushi. This is truly a great invention of the Japanese! When cooking, try to minimize the intake of salt, try to go to an alternative replacement in the form of soy sauce. As a side dish as much as possible, use the vegetables raw, boiled or steamed form.

Also, during the meal, try to follow a number of rules:

  • For half an hour before a meal, try to drink a glass of plain water, it will prepare the stomach and also, make sure you eat and be filled faster with less.
  • Eat slowly, while chewing food well. Reach saturation pulses to the brain with a delay of 15 minutes, so in a hurry you swallow 2 times more than you actually need.
  • Always mentally imagine how you divide a portion into three parts and eats only two-thirds.
  • Remember, on your plate should prevail as the following ratio – 30% of meat or fish, 50% vegetables, 20% garnish.
  • It is important to remember that in the struggle with the weight you need to give up alcohol and tobacco. Both products slow down your metabolism, ie the assimilation of food deteriorates, reduced fat burning by the body. Besides alcohol fueled appetite itself usually very high in calories.

However, this situation happens when you actually eat a little, but at the same time is rapidly gaining weight. In this case, seek medical attention immediately, as it is an important signal of a serious hormonal failure, metabolic disorders, the development of a disease.

Remember the importance of physical activity for the fat burning process. Without combining with the sport one food diet will not help to lose weight effectively. Make a plan of training and do not fitness-ball-340x226abandon the plan. The main thing – regularity and consistency. Do not put ourselves unrealistic goals. Normally, a person must reset healthy no more than 1.5 kg per week. Correctly calculate the load will help you coach, even if you do not plan to attend the hall, do not refuse the offer of a free first lesson, during which you can “torture” rightfully coach questions. And then – your business. Classes can be done in a day, exercising at least 30 minutes, combining cardio – training and power load.

Excellent accelerate the burning of fat and beauty treatments, especially warming wraps, baths with sea salt and needles, massages and Kneipp. After them, do not forget to apply a moisturizer.

Most importantly, remember that the victory will be for you, because you are aware of the problem and the need to address it. Stay intended purpose and use all the methods in a complex, then the effect will be just fantastic.

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