What is a normal weight person? Methods and ways to combat obesity.

Body mass index.

Proper nutrition with excess, excess weight person. Methods and techniques – how to block appetite.

What is a normal weight personWhat is a normal weight person? What is your weight? You’re afraid to get on the scales, because you can see that on the scoreboard weights “displayed” extra pounds. And where there stated that they are unnecessary? It is possible that all your pounds – on the spot, and the new, superfluous, in your body and is not expected.

Not to speak in riddles, tell you straight: there is one way that “opens” your eyes, so that they can “learn” how much “weight redundancy” is, right now, in your body.

Heard, perhaps, about the Quetelet index? Its formula is as follows:

BMI (body mass index – the ideal weight) – is the separation of body weight (measured in kilograms) by height in meters square.

That “symbolize” obtained as a result, the values of:

BMI is equal to less than nineteen – thinness.

BMI is from twenty to twenty-five – the weight is quite normal.

BMI is from twenty-six to thirty – are overweight.

BMI is equal to thirty-one to forty – the presence of a moderate degree of obesity.

BMI is equal to one more term – morbid obesity.

The test is successful? Congratulations! It remains only to ensure that the weight has not increased.

Methods and ways to combat obesity. Proper nutrition with excess, excess weight person. – A “lifeline” of excess weight:

  1. Chocolate. Several plitochek this sweet delicacy “slow down” the appetite. So, dear my chocolate lovers, let me congratulate you once again. Well, first off congratulations concerned the chocolatedetermination of rules of weight if you do not forget.
  2. Blackberries. Pour a handful of berries in yogurt or in a bowl and – Enjoy your meal. Paradoxically, berry – appetizing, but at the same time, “repel” the desire to eat. You do not think about it and just enjoy the taste.
  3. Plate small “scale.” Not satellite and do not fly. Skeet as a subject of dishes in which you “keep” food. Why – a little? Savings. Joke. The fact that the size of the plate depends on how much you eat servings or grams, prepared dishes: the larger plate – the greater the temptation. Another “plus sign”: small plates, in appearance much more attractive than those that are considered to be large.
  4. Sixty minutes of homework – “burning” of calories and fat. You wash the floor, dishes, busy washing and ironing, doing cleaning, rub “dusty cluster” on the furniture ….

And your work noticed, not only family members, but also own your body. See for yourself:

  1. Washing dishes – the loss of three hundred and twenty-five calories.
  2. Washing windows – “separation” with the number of calories, which is less than one hundred units than the number that indicates how many days a year. Confused? Unravels: two hundred sixty-five.
  3. Ironing and laundry – bye, two hundred calories.
  4. Carrying out specific (general) cleaning – the “disappearance” more than four hundred calories.
  5. Washing clothes and linen “own” (their own hands, rather than using the washing machine) – “Erase” seven hundred calories.sekreti_bistroj_uborki_164
  6. Carpet cleaning with a vacuum cleaner or brush – “missing” six hundred calories.
  7. Sweet dream. When you sleep – you have no desire to eat. That is, you do not want to eat. You are looking at the plot of sleep and you do not before a meal. At the same time, and sleep kilogrammchiki “eternal sleep”. Maybe “lethargic”: they can “wake up” for the reason that you forget about your goal.
  8. Chile. City, musical group, pepper. Your options? That, in this “troika”, to help you mean? I think you – umnen’kiye and quick-witted. Three options are suitable. Eat pepper, dancing to the songs of “Chile”.
  9. Dancing. “Dance” with calories, throwing them in the “invisibility” of air. Let them, together with you, “dissolve in the great and beloved melodies.
  10. Buffalo (bison). You do not want to become a vegetarian – do not get. Chew the meat and do not change their taste preferences. Myasko will stay with you.
  11. Circle. That circle. Do not confuse it with a hoop. You, probably, at home, somewhere he was overlooked – dusty. All you need – is to stand on it and turn around to the left – right. Such movements are very similar to funny dance. I have two of these circles: a large and a little less. You borrow?
  12. Belt. This is certainly not a “black belt” in karate, but for you – is more important. “Pull” on the body belt and do not let the calories in your body. Let this belt is (will be) “abroad”, a barrier to entry into the body that you never had to.
  13. Chip for weight loss. He is implanted under the skin in the abdomen. And overweight, though afraid of “be added” to your body. He is harmless, if you care.
  14. Spick and span. Acupuncture method “injected” into your body ensures that over your “weight problem”.

How to block the appetite? Methods and techniques. – Your body (and any other), there are some points that “block” the appetite.

Here are their locations:

  1. dieta_appetitCenter lips (upper). Massage “lip point” should be pulsating movements, within a few minutes.
  2. Shoulder the left or right hand. Massage – counterclockwise arrows. Should last no more than thirty seconds.
  3. Mid palm hand (right). Massage follows, necessarily, with the thumb. Massage movements – light and circular.
  4. Between the fingers (thumb and index). Massaged point “unobtrusive” movements.

Do not even try to persuade me to write about the way the thirteenth! Suggest it themselves. So – interesting. The challenge, in fact, difficult. It is what you need to remember “unusual” ways to lose weight. Diet, creams, gels, exercise, sports, yoga, exercise equipment, dietary supplements and cocktails – already “invented.” Do you have any more little idea? Do not hesitate to voice them, please.

Excess weight – not a holiday for the body and the severity of everyday life, which is often, “crosses” good mood and good spirits. If you – not selfish, then you anything more, no explanation is required.

To make it easier to “monitor” the weight, think, organize yourself motivated. She – not “empty space.” You’re at it, certainly, will be convinced.

If anything had not occurred (about dietary ways), I can offer you the usual methods, but – effective. A non-standard – for you:

  1. Swimming Pool.
  2. Honey massage.
  3. “Unspoiled” food products.
  4. Lymphatic drainage.
  5. Shower “with contrast”.

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