How to get rid of excess weight? The fight against excess weight. Methods, methods of struggle.

How to to fold, to remove, to lose weight? Weight reduction, weight reduction.

Tired of the “extra gravity” for yourself? Tired of wearing unwanted pounds? Well, we start to go up against them. Start your journey right now? Then – in pen cams, laziness – in the garbage disposal!
How to get rid of excess weight

How to get rid of excess weight? The fight against excess weight. Methods, methods of struggle.

Do you love the night? It will help you get rid of any excess weight. At night there is something that acts as a magic tips – wand. Luna. In it the whole point. Track it and you will understand how tandem
you need and you can lose weight. In the new moon eat a lot of vegetables, and the full moon drink plenty of fluids. Say thank you for the moon that it protects your figure!

Way – to get rid of excess weight for romantic and extreme: a parachute jump. Frightened or decided to skip? This is – no jokes, no jokes, no joke. Just one leap will save you from a few kilogrammchikov that prevents you so. The jump from the roof of the house – not an alternative. Parachute – what you need. Fear of heights – increases the loss of calories in half. Afraid of heights but jump without looking at fear.

“Sit” on buckwheat porridge. Eat it every day, but do not add a lot of oil and salt. This wonderful porridge “trample” your weight, do not regret it, and not sympathy. Tasty, useful for you! Do not put in a plate next to the porridge, meat or sosisochki: you are sitting on a diet and not gain weight.

How to to fold, to remove, to lose weight? Weight reduction, weight reduction.

emcxtn8tMore sex. Proved that intimate relationship that delight regularly, give joy and other “throwing” the weight of the body. Here’s how to combine pleasure and usefulness. But do not put yourself installation on weight loss: everything will happen by itself. “Does not violate the” rule – regularity. Probably, this method of weight loss will be your favorite. And this is not surprising.

Drink tomato juice. It is believed that the juice, “filled with shame”, dislikes calories and fat. He is hard to fight them. And you just have to enjoy its taste and color (if you like the color red). By the way, if you do not like tomato juice, buy pineapple juice, orange, grape, grapefruit. It is important that on the pack (the package) with the juice was written “does not contain sugar.”

Imagine that you are a walrus. Why? Nutritionists strongly recommend drinking ice water. In simple terms: “Water – piece of ice” freezes calories, taking them out of the human body. Tempered! Will self-pity – remember those people who jump into the pond, in the winter, completely naked. Goosebumps? Oh, and it runs on the skin of those who improve their health in this way! And they do not die, and enjoy life, managing, right in the pond, a song to sing.

How to get rid of excess weight? The fight against excess weight. Methods, methods of struggle.

To help you lose weight better “load the” your body weight. Example: Put in your favorite backpack, lots of bricks. Of course, you have to work hard. Do not part with the backpack, nosiv him on516978806_6
the back, along with the building blocks. I bet that backpack, after such “not breaking up” with you, will cause you disgust. But you, in spite of this, do not give up: you need to gradually set aside from the backpack brick by brick. When there are no bricks inside your “temporary enemy”, proceed to check their weight. If there are no bricks – replace “multipage” books. However, you need to choose a backpack roomy.

Lose weight, counting forks! Norm of your meal should be seventy “zahodikam.” Skudnenko, right? Diet – eat a diet. Bear much, if I undertook to improve the figure and “reset” weight.

Want to get rid of weight, according to the “seated” on a diet? Write on a huge piece of paper, in large letters the word “diet”. Put a piece of paper on the chair or on the sofa piece, where you like to sit. Disassemble and discard the stove, refrigerator with food, table, and take yourself repairs in the kitchen. Want to have a rest – sit down on the same piece of paper with the actual inscription on it, and after spending so many hours, how many pounds you want to lose weight. You can not read newspapers and books, to draw, and so on. You just need to, quietly and peacefully, “rest” on a diet.

Buy a cottage with a garden uchastochek. And work on it hard, dropping it all that you, too, would help to get rid of weight “to the full”. By the way, sadite on his “working kitchen garden” more tomatoes, berries, cucumbers. Well, of course, when it’s “high time” Try what you were planted.

Your passion for eating food does not want to fade away? Go to Beverly Hills! Help you there. Your tongue proshyut in several places (special thread). After carrying out such a procedure, when eating, you will feel some discomfort. It will not look like a pain, but the appetite disappears quickly, that’s for sure.

And it does not help? Take advantage of more stringent method I will dwell in your stomach tapeworm, and eat whatever you want: cakes, sausages, candy, pizza …. Do not worry: everything will be eaten by a worm. Not in vain because you have it settle. If you remember, this is the method chosen, slimming, Larisa Dolina. What she was skinny! However, please note: this method is not secure. “A feast for the worm” may turn out to have a tragic outcome.62608944

Maybe it is easier to fall in love? When you do this, all the calories, “experiencing jealousy,” leave little by little, your body, giving it a place for harmony. Love – the perfect meal. It will not
even have time. And, in general, you’ll often forget that you need to have breakfast, dinner or lunch. And for dessert sweetly you do not pull, since you’ll be living the sweet taste of a beautiful feeling.

Read jokes and have fun with friends. Laughter “eats” your excess weight. Share with a laugh their weight. You are still nowhere. Or maybe you changed your mind? Laugh and smile! Rays of your little smiles and laughter to your tunes – the decoration of a piece of land that is home to people close to you. Suggestion: go to the cinema, to some comedy Soul Plane. Some of your calories will remain in the seat directly in the cinema.

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