How to quickly remove belly at home

How to remove fat from the abdomen

How to remove belly fat after giving birth

Losing belly fat at home simple. In this article you will learn the complete technology of how to remove fat from the abdomen and to tighten sagging stomach, including postpartum. Applying it, you are sure will remove all the excess from your tummy and lead him into an attractive condition.

?????????????????????????Saggy belly – this is usually the inability or lack of habit to keep the muscles of the lower abdomen drawn.
The reasons for this failure very different.
It firstly, our psyche and self-image.
What is a flat stomach? This smart, self-discipline. Saggy belly says the opposite.

Natural process – in women after childbirth, due to hyperextension of the muscles during pregnancy.

Other reasons:

  • Habit many have (fill his stomach).
  • The presence of excess fat under the skin and inside the abdomen.
  • Swollen intestines due to deposits nedoperevarennoy food and gases produced during fermentation, especially among fans of beer (beer belly), and constipation.
  • The weakness of the abdominal muscles.

How to remove sagging belly at home

  1. Remove all unnecessary.
  2. To strengthen the abdominal muscles.
  3. Keep the stomach tightened.
  • Change the image of himself. Create and hold the status of smartness and discipline.
  • Move as much as possible, do some gymnastics, dance.
  • Colon Cleansing – a prerequisite retraction of the abdomen.
  • Proper nutrition: a low-fat diet with plenty of fiber.
  • Meat and beer kept to a minimum (at least for a period of retraction of the abdomen).
  • Eliminate fast food.
  • To practice fasting and / or 1-2 times a week fasting days.
  • Burning fat by strengthening the digestive fire (use in food hot spices).

What exercises can effectively remove belly fat?

An effective way to remove belly fat at home. Removed in the room, now we will remove tummy. Something he lost his beautiful view. Why, after all, perfectly, that all can be corrected.

How to to remove belly fat fast? – Exercises. Begin to fix:

  1. uprazhnenija-chtoby-brat-zhivotBecome straight. Legs “raskinte” shoulder-width apart. The handles are located along the trunk. Look – strictly at one point, before him. Inhale and retraction of the abdomen – synchronous. As you exhale, pull it forward.
  2. Position – sitting (equilibrium). Legs slightly bent at the knees. Now – move the whole body forward to the sciatic muscle. Heels off the floor can not detach. Breathing should be complete freedom. Repeat up to twelve times.
  3. Lie down on your back. Feet, pinch the book. Hands – directly overhead. “Me” position, with the help of the body, with lying to sitting. Lean forward until such time as the toes will not feel the touch of the book.
  4. Lie down on the floor, on the back. At the same time lift the arms and legs. Your “desire” to get fingers hands fingers feet. Exercise is done quickly and is subject to repetition twenty times.
  5. Position – lying on his back. Pens – his head, in the “clasp”. Raise your back and bend your knees at the same time, so that the elbows reach to the knees. At a time when the elbows touch the knees, put all their efforts to the maximum, to strain the abdominal muscles. At the voltage necessary, breathe. Repeat exercise – ten times.
  6. You – on the back. Lift your head and legs bent at the knees. Palm, meanwhile, “rest” on my knees and pressed him on them. Count to three and can relax. Repeat this exercise about ten times.
  7. Warning – feet. Left – raised (flexed), right – stretched. The right hand should be extended forward, parallel to the right leg and the left – raised up (with a plumb). The next step: the left leg stretched forward, left – bent. Do this with both feet at the same time. Exercise is take from five to ten times, changing the handle.
  8. Lie down on the floor, placing your hands under the buttocks. Legs – straight. Slowly Keep your feet off the floor, picking up to a height of forty-five degrees. Hold them in the air for five – six seconds. Repeat exercise – fifteen times.
  9. “Commits” otzhimchiki from stenochki or from a chair ten times. This exercise is excellent removes belly, leaving him only the most necessary.
  10. And again – on the back. Pull the handle along the body. Palms – on the floor. Feet – top. Do they have movement, such as when traveling on a bicycle. “Cycling” to be repeated eight times.
  11. Exercise “Scissors – the artist.” Is performed on the back. Need to raise the legs (straight). Pens – under the buttocks. Cross your legs, holding her breath. Feet should interbreed you so if you cut the air molecules.
  12. Get on my knees. Legs a little arrange. Fingers feet left and right feet should touch each other. Palm – on the hips. Chin lift, keep your back straight. This exercise should be repeated six to eight times.
  13. Jogging on the spot. Stand and running. Can you do it without a special simulator. If he is, then his help, you can resort. In principle, it has some great values. The main and important – movement without stopping.

About the effect of exercise, no one disputes. But do not leave some exercise, even if they are in your “collection”, very much.

How to to remove belly fat fast?It is possible to effectively remove belly fat – proper nutrition. Products chosen so that the increased efficiency uprazhnencheskaya. Memories of the products – not in vain: for every girl and woman who dreams to get rid of the tummy, and wants to eat.

Here, look – Keep an eye on:prawilnoe-pitanie

  1. Watermelon.
  2. Pineapple.
  3. Fish.
  4. Chili peppers.
  5. Gooseberry.
  6. Orange.
  7. Carrot.
  8. Avocado.
  9. Mushrooms.
  10. Apples.

How do you “grocery picture”? Tasty written? And on the tongue – not less tasty. You have already tried them thousands of times. But it is worth to try them in the first thousand. Second, third, fourth, fifth …. These products must be with you as close as inhalers for “fragrant” therapy.

An effective way to remove belly fat – Jump with the parachute. One such jump helps reduce weight by three kilograms. This method, though extreme, but refers to the sport. A sports – a great pill “for weight loss. Tummy “leave” immediately.

Shopping, it turns out, too – an exercise with which you can remove the stomach. You go and go on a great big store in search of beautiful things. Found it? Buy if it is – a few less razmerchik your weight. Why? That there was no incentive to “push” the basic exercises for a second, secondary plan.

Drink ice water – (carefully). Excess fat on the abdomen, creaking, retracts. He, in fact, too cold. And you tempers. Not dramatically, but it is necessary to do so. Dial vodichku in a plastic bottle, put it on the shelf of the freezer and leave for a few days. When you, a few days later, eject the bottle of “winter” the temperature, you will receive a “cocktail with ice.” It is necessary, however, that it melted a few hours.

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