Calculate your ideal weight. For a girl to calculate the ideal weight

Calculation of an ideal weight.

What is the ideal weight for a girl? The formula for calculating the ideal weight allowance.

raschet-vesaYou – the one that looks for (around) reflection ideal. You came up with his “personal” and wait for the ideal, when with him, quite by accident, likely to encounter. But ideals are not scattered on the ground. They live deep in your mind.

You – not plump and not thin. You – Average. But you want to find something perfect and in the weight category. Yes I Am. Invent no ideals, but remember mathematical abilities and taste it to calculate the weight that is – megaidealny.

Take, for example, a calculator, if the batteries are not in it “phony.” With him will be easier to count. I do not allude to that. Now, calculator, enjoyed by all, and does not believe that “the use of this” instrument “- the shame and disgrace. This is – the thing that helps not to make a mistake. It is a pity that from life’s mistakes calculator does not work, but at least those related to mathematics, he decides, without talking. A little advice: watch the figures when they’re typing. And then distracted on anything and get shocking results. They are you, perhaps, arrange, but it is wrong – is a fraud. A mathematical operations and results for the lie, there is no room.

Calculate ideal weight. How to calculate the ideal weight for a girl? – Calculate the ideal weight for a girl.

And now – on formulas. Well, here: chemistry “floated” in his memoirs. And physics “floats” near. But we need the other formula: those who have “free time” to ensure that they are as follows, to fitnesslines-ideal-weightunderstand. Believes that “the labyrinth of misunderstanding” in your life, when calculating not happen? Proves the opposite. To start, introduce you to a formula which “capture” your perception, and then – and the brain, along with brain activity.

Do you have a hundred and fifty centimeters of growth. Upon purchase there are still four centimeters. To “centimeter Tsiferki” that you eventually came to rely forty-five pounds weight. For every 2, 45 inches and larger than the previous result, it is necessary also to nine grammchikov. Now add another ten percent by weight, which was the result. How does it feel? “Boil” the whole brain and the whole calculator? Well it’s you – not water: Do not allow “brain” boil. And forget how to think. Formula Neglera – not every lady “in the teeth.” But why bother when there are formulas that are easier to use.

Body weight. The phrase is clear? Index. Heard the word it? The index, which is on the envelope, nothing you will not be able to help. And do not expect help from him. You need a “tool”, as body mass index. Body mass index (hereinafter – BMI) should be considered according to the formula: your weight (in kilograms) divided by height (in meters). Now – “construction of a square.” Erected, counted? What is expected to get? Better – do not expect, do not think about the fact that you can do it or can get. As said in his monologue, a very famous comedian, “then the surprise will be.” And, in general, the norm is the body mass index, which equals nineteen to twenty-five of ones.

Here is another example. Imagine that you – twenty years. You “breathe” youth and “smell” beauty. You – not to formulas, but without the “formulok” us – no way. We – this is for you and me. I, too, take part in the process of calculation, though at a distance. Proceed to the equation. The mass of your body – is the number of fifty, plus 0, 75 x, stripped it all on chetverochku. Understand? This formula – easier than the previous one? Umnichka that sorted out. And do not worry, that the first formula problems arose: it is difficult not only for you. Brain at all from it “breaks”. You do not want a broken and tselehonkim brain. Then – what are you so worried?

Without opening the secrets and mysteries, I say: there are three types of the human body:

  1. Hypersthenic type. The bones of this man – wide. Well, people with large bones, you’re watching, I think.body-shapes-2
  2. Asthenic type. Thin man with a “thin” bones. Good adjective for bones: thin.
  3. Normostenichesky type. Man, bones and body proportions can be called average, normal.

How to identify your body, if you do not “rely” on the eyes and views? It is enough that you will measure the girth of the wrist of the hand that you have is dominant. You – righty or lefty? Is determined, and then read:

  1. Girth – less than sixteen inches. You – astenik. Thin, slender, probably. So what do you need to lose weight? Maybe you figured out that you need all these “weight loss”?
  2. Circumference of the wrist – more than eighteen inches. You treat giperstenicheskom type. Only – do not panic! I would even say that it will be unnecessary.
  3. Remained normostenichesky type. His “number” – seventeen and a half, and so – until twenty.

With your body type we have identified. There is one caveat: if you consider yourself to be asthenic type, then you will need to take ten percent of the result. If you are a “gipestenichkoy” – adds, not “Get” ten percent. Eh, “pounded” I love you with math ….

Tired of the formula? Well, try to “survive” another. At least for the sake of interest, or something. If you have already got to know the ideal weight, then this formula (and older) can not “touch”. Let it simply “paint” in this article to supplement the “information collection”:

B = (growth multiplied by the circumference of the cell (chest)) and all that is left is divided into two hundred and forty.How-to-determine-if-excess-weight

B – is the letter, given in honor of the one who came up with this formula. The author’s name – Brunhard. She can not remember. I wrote it, so you know where it came from the value of the letter that begins the formula.

Was glad to help. You count the weight, and I look forward to what you will deal with all the “weight examples” which I painted in this article, just for you. I do not need to thank: the best gratitude – a result that you get. At least you’ll know what and then how to navigate. Good luck, good luck, good luck! She’ll also be needed.

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