What is the ideal ratio of height and weight. Table of weight for height.


Correct, normal, optimal ratio of height and weight person.

You – a supporter of what you need to know everything. Grieve: only you can not find even in my entire life. But be aware that, what is your ideal weight – have every right to.

Therefore, it is in this article, I will write to you about how to “satisfy” their curiosity. See and peers.

The ideal ratio of height and weight. The ideal height and weight.

We now turn to the “operation girth.” Measure your wrist and “look through” the impact of measurement:shutterstock_113129281-e1362045443235

  1. Circumference of thigh circumference is equal to the chest.
  2. Girth shin – less than thirty-four percent.
  3. Six and a half inches wrist circumference equal to the circumference of the chest.
  4. Forearm girth – Twenty-nine per cent of the thoracic girth.
  5. Eighty-five percent of chest circumference should be equated to the circumference of the hips.
  6. “Measuring steps” over? It’s nice to hear it. Unfortunately, this is – not my technique. It belongs to John McCallum.

Perfect body set off those who have musculoskeletal tissue and the presence of fat (as a percentage) – from twelve to twenty percent. These numbers – just for you, girls and women. The numbers for men who are different from “female”.

Build considered to be beyond reproach when it is “divided” in this way. In that case, if your waist is smaller than the circumference of the hips, twenty-five centimeters, and the chest is (approximately) the circumference of the hips – proud of your body. Chest girth should be “assimilated” to “sotochku.” You find that your chest girth behind the girth of the hips? Your figure – “pear”.

Now – surprised: there is also the view that there is no ideal weight for height (or women or girls, not for the male population).

Recall that there are several body types: ectomorph, mesomorph, endomorph. It’s about everything and says, very plump girl can never become very thin, so as to prevent this bone structure.

Table of weight for height.

The ideal ratio of height and weight in the table.

You always want to be in shape? – “Jump” on the recommendations:

  1. “Ride” simulator – a bicycle. Can do it in the cabin, and at home. How will you time to “allow”. The saloon (trenazherke) “disappear” – pleasure expensive. But the selection of trainers out there – great. You can not buy right away ten simulators. And in their gym – even more.
  2. Eat less. Can – more and more often: six times a day, but a little bit. As you wish.
  3. Drink plenty. Not to be confused with the word “drink” in “alcoholic context”. Alcohol, by the way, keep: he only adds calories. In particular – beer.fbIU8LMypgI
  4. Do not be nervous: in addition to the fact that nerve cells do not regenerate, and their “aggravation” leads to weight gain.
  5. Do not bother weights! Every five minutes to change your weight, will not be exact. Only himself upset and everything. About grief, read fad above.
  6. “Fruktiziruyte” life. Let there will be lots and lots of fruits and fruit drinks (juices).
  7. You should not have thrown in the closet dumbbells. Take them and remember how to use them need. Their use may seem difficult for you, but it’s – first: your muscles get used to loads and dumbbells will “snap like nuts.”
  8. Often spend time alone with water. Anywhere: in the bathroom, in the pool, on the river, the sea …. Although, if you kompleksuete about looks, you hardly dare to go to sea.
  9. Walking in the fresh air you cheer. Walk even in snow and rain. “Erode” their bad thoughts. You do not need them. Enjoy the nature, enjoy the spring, autumn, winter and summer ….
  10. Do not drink beverages with gas and mineral water. I can advise to wash mineral water: it rejuvenates the skin. Wash Mineral some water and enjoy the beauty of your wonderful face.
  11. Cease to torment yourself for what you are not lucky with the figure. You – the person. And love yourself for who you are. The rest can be and adjust.
  12. Do not eat at a time when watching TV. Scientists have found that the food in front of TV is bad for the body to digest and figure.
  13. What about vegetables? They – do not bite. It is their need to nibble, to flush out as it should, “flavor of the calories.”
  14. Berry life – nothing worse than fruit. They also have the opportunity to “fight back” from excess weight. Zemlyanichka, strawberry, cherry, Ezhevichka, currants …. Is It Tasty. Helpful. Diet. All this – in berries. And – for you.
  15. Werth as you want, hula-hoop on the body. “Turn out” from the impact of calories. It’s better left bruises and red marks on the hoop, but calories and excess weight – not a place in your body. Calories should not “interfere” your soul. You have it – a wide, with calories and it will be cramped.

Dear and respected girl! Each of your pounds – not eternal. Above each of them can calmly work. And to “eradicate”, respectively, too.

Change your life for the better. This – not “empty” advertising phrase. This – the words that will help you find what you have lost because of the “corral” about overweight: confidence, optimism, courage, desire to live, energetic, self-love. Spisochek continue themselves. You know better than I know you.

You – beautiful, talented, interesting, attractive, nice …. I think you will be pleased to hear those words from your young person. And he’ll be sure to tell them, continuing my list compliments a thousand times.

Not recommended:

  • Diet pills.
  • Drugs for weight loss.
  • Starvation.
  • Depression.
  • Bad and negative thoughts.


  • Choose a diet.
  • The choice of sport.
  • Selection juice.
  • Optimism.
  • Some chocolate.
  • Tea with a teaspoon of sugar.
  • Jogging on the points should be considered a good finish, so as not to overload you greatly different kinds of information. She though useful, but it – a lot.

Choose what you closer. What is more important to you. When specified with a choice – be faithful to him. I approve of your choice absolutely anyone. Most importantly, he went only benefit you.

Usefulness” you specify by how intensively will go to reduce your weight. Make sure that as a “moving” weight loss.

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